Most frequently, material trucks perform two functions. They are used both for proximal transport inside the production facility and as storage spaces by assembly stations. Among them, we distinguish trucks for containers of specific sizes, which after arrival in a target place are immediately emptied and those made in flow rack technology, i.e. equipped with an appropriate amount of sections with roller rails. Flow rack trucks most often operate interchangeably and in case of using up the elements from one truck it is replaced with a similar one, but filled with an appropriate amount of containers with products.

In this time, the empty truck is taken to the loading area. MPS system provided any given configuration, as far as size, shelf division and angle are concerned. They may be adjusted to the sizes of containers used in production, as well as system containers. Such flexibility and convenience of configuration of material trucks increases ergonomics of production. Broad range of wheel sets offered by our company provides proper movements of such structures on various types of surfaces in production facilities, both during manual pushing and cooperation with various types of motor vehicles.