The assembly stations created by our company are made in accordance with the MPS philosophy (Manual Production System) developed by Bosch Rexroth. This philosophy states that the main task of modern production planning is to minimize losses arising during the manufacture process.

MPS was created specifically for the purposes of a production line in order to enable simple and quick planning and implementing of new processes.

Workstations and assembly tables are designed providing for the Customer's individual needs and operations to be performed at them. Our company's employees have the knowledge necessary to advise you in the selection of appropriate parameters and execution of structures considering their intended use, requirements posed to workstations and capacity of such structures, at the same time achieving cost optimization. Their construction using a system of aluminium profiles enables unrestricted arrangement and modernization throughout their lifetime.

The above photographs present successive transformations from the frame of a simple working table to an assembly station meeting the requirements of ergonomics and cooperation with other MPS elements.

The table frame was successively fitted with:

  • a tabletop of appropriate thickness made from a suitable material (wood, steel, aluminium or various types of plastic) and covered so as to facilitate work.
  • electric connection together with electric installation, boxes and current protection.
  • air connections together with the air service unit and the entire air installation.
  • material containers fitted so as to distribute all the elements used at the workstations in a simple way, and to give the working employee direct access to them
  • information and instruction board situated within the employee's field of vision so as to prevent assembly errors at the workstation.
  • holders for tools, drink cups and bottles
  • covers of the lower part of the workstation in order to improve comfort and ensure an intimate atmosphere
  • lighting installation with special bundles of light produced by a specialized type of lamp, at the same time meeting OSH regulations regarding minimum requirements.
  • material shelves increasing the loading surface and, simultaneously, allowing to perform loading in accordance with the Lean Production philosophy.
The MPS system, as well as the entire system of construction profiles by Bosch Rexroth, suggests that the station be executed in the ESD version (electrostatic), which is entirely secured against the negative impact of electric discharges caused by the flow of current between the employee and the workstation.

ESD stations completely prevent discharges of 3000 volts unnoticeable to the human eye. All the components have ESD marking.