a) System of U-type roller rails – characterized by the fact that, as opposed to steel roller rails commonly used by most manufacturers, these are executed as a row of rollers embedded in a dedicated aluminium profile with a process groove located in the bottom part of the profile. Such a solution gives the rails a high load-carrying capacity and rigidity. Our designers often use them in assembly stations where it is necessary to deliver containers with products very close to the operator. If classic steel rails are used, it is necessary to built a frame supporting the ends of the rails. In our case this is not necessary.

b) Movlink gravitational roller transporter tracks – used in the case of very small or heavy elements. Roller rails usually come in several varieties with different diameters and spacings of rollers. These rails are also characterized by a limited load-carrying capacity of tracks. Based on the transport rollers by Movlink, we are able to create transport tracks that could not be achieved using classic roller rails.

c) Driven transporters – in order to increase the efficiency of production lines and to reduce losses, it is sometimes necessary to incorporate into a production line a transporter allowing quick and accurate delivery or pickup of the product. The transporters are also used to enforce pace of the production process. Depending on specific aspects of production, we use belt, roller or pallet transporters. Our transporters are characterized by modular design and reliability. These parameters are very important whenever it is necessary to ensure continuity of production.