Catalogue number: 3 842 993 156

Product information:

Applicable where "40" and "45" series profiles cannot be used for structural reasons. "50" series aluminium profiles are mainly applicable in medium-load structures such as hand carts, light tooling, load-bearing frames and partition walls.

Technical details:

Catalogue number 3 842 993 156
Length [mm] 6070
Service groove width 10 mm
Weight [kg/m] 2.50
Side surface [cm2] 9.30
Material Aluminium
Inertia moment I x [cm4] 21.20
Inertia moment I y [cm4] 21.20
Resistance index Wx [cm3] 8.50
Resistance index Wy [cm3] 8.50

Extra accessories:

Load-bearing profile plugs Load-bearing profile plugs
Load-bearing profile plugs are used mainly to prevent being cut by sharp profile tips and they also improve the appearance and aesthetics of the built structures. They are available in two colours – black and light gray. Also available are ESD electrostatic plugs, which transmit electric charges instead of accumulating them.
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Hammer nuts Hammer nuts 
Hammer nuts are widely used for connections, by placing them in the profiles' service grooves. They are used among others as fixing elements of angles, joints, etc. The thread size range is from M4 to M8. See more

Hammer screws Hammer screws
Hammer screws, like hammer nuts, are mainly used as fixing elements for angles, base boards, etc. The range of service length and thread is from M6x16 to M8x50.

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groove keys Groove keys
Groove keys with spring can transfer significant forces and can be fitted directly in the place of assembly. They allow vibration-free fixing at any position.

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Fixing angles Fixing angles
Angles with centering elements allow quick and precise assembly, with protection against twisting. They are available for any type of service groove and profiles from 20x20 to 100x100. They are also available with plugs and fasteners, and they transfer loads up to 15000N.
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Cubic nodal connectorsCubic nodal connectors
A cubic nodal connector is applicable at corner joints of two or three profiles protected against twisting. It is highly resistant.

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Nodal anglesNodal angles
Nodal angles are fixed to profiles in the central opening using self-threading screws. Round and square plugs visually improve the appearance of angle joints and provide protection against cutting. They do not require machining of ends.
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Łączniki sworzniowe 45º connectors
A 45° connector is used for quick and dependable connecting of profiles at 45° angle. The connectors feature plugs and fasteners.

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Inner anglesInner angles
They are used for quick fixing of profiles positioned perpendicularly. Following the application of this element, the three grooves of the profile remain free and allow fixing of planar elements. Available for any service groove [6, 8, 10], transferring up to 4000N of load.

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Contact connectorsContact connectors
Contact connectors are used for face connecting of two profiles. They are used for the extension of a profile section length.
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Pin connectorsPin connectors
At pin connection, the generated forces react symmetrically through the two screws onto the stable core. This causes resistance to significant loads, including twisting.

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Rotary elementsRotary elements
Bosch Rexroth fixing elements include any rotary elements such as:
- joints designed for rigid or movable profile connections at any angle within 182° with a 15° auxiliary element,
- bearing clamps used for heavy structures with rotation ability,
- joint bearings used among others for constructing load-bearing booms, etc.

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mocowania-wypelnienFillings can be fixed to the load-bearing part using: masking-clamping profiles, Clean room masking-clamping profiles, protective pane profiles, Variofix angles, Variofix-Block clamps, protective grid profiles, clamping sleeves.

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doors-fittingsBosch Rexroth offers a wide assortment of door installation elements:
- aluminium and metal hinges,
- locks (versatile, for sliding doors, patent-type, cassette-type),
- handles for doors and guards,
- aluminium profiles for sliding doors.
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legs-wheels Articulated legs, base boards, impact-absorbing rings are used for levelling floor unevenness, etc. They are applicable in work station structures. At mobile structures such as a station's carriages, wheel sets are applicable, available with or without brakes. Also available are steering or fixed wheels, designed for significant loads.
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air-conducting-elementsDue to their specific structure, aluminium profiles can be used as pressure ducts and accumulator tanks. The following elements are additionally applied for this purpose:
- flanged plates for face sealing of profiles,
- sealing sets for extending air ducts made of aluminium profiles,
- pneumatic connections for face joining of profiles in the event of using cores as pressure ducts.
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By using versatile sliders it is possible to join any load-bearing profiles with 8mm and 10mm service grooves. They are particularly applicable in the construction of sliding and elevated doors, as well as hand sleds.
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 PROFILE 50x50L Rysunek
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