Rexroth rail ball runners have been especially developed for application in industrial machine tools and robots, for which compact longitudinal runners are required, placed in ball bearings of various precision, load capacity and rigidity classes.

The runner rails and trucks in the area of rolling elements raceway are precisely made in such a way that each element may be replaced at any time. Such a replacement may be made in any precision class. Full replacement with roller rail runner is provided in order to increase the scope of its efficiency. Each element may be ordered and stored separately.
Only one runner rail section is used for all runner trucks.

Wide range of variations gives big possibilities of using runners and tracks in individual applications.
The runners may be screwed from the bottom, top, the holes may be covered with caps or cover tape. Additionally, all runners are offered in several precision classes. There is also a possibility of selecting runners with anti-corrosion coating.
When selecting trucks, we also have a lot of options. Trucks are also produced in various precision classes. They may be wide, narrow, long, short, made of steel or aluminium.
 Rail ball runners Rysunek
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