Runners with rolling sleeves are applied in construction of general and special application machines and in building instruments. Stan­dard rolling sleeves with their massive metal structures are particularly useful for applications in which resistance to damage and high durability in difficult service conditions are required. Long life expectancy, precision and high level of efficiency are typical features of those elements.

Rolling sleeves consist of:

- steel or PA sleeve
- guiding cage made of steel, polyacetal or POM
- balls made of bearing steel
- resistance and sealing rings and longitudinal gaskets

Line sets consist of:

- one or two rolling sleeves
- steel, cast steel or aluminium casing with openings, threads and flanges

Precision steel shafts are produced:

- in various tolerance classes
- as full or hollow shafts
- from heat treated or stainless steel
- with hard chrome coating or Resist Rexroth protective coating,


- Open or closed
- optionally set (cut)
- with or without anti-corrosion coating
- with resistance and sealing rings and longitudinal gaskets or without these elements
- with or without a flange
- line sets also with two rolling sleeves
- already partially lubricated with permanent lubricant

Advantages depend on a given variant:

- long durability, high speed, rigidity, dynamic load capacity,
- low friction, easy movement
- compact structure, high durability, good sealing
- torque load capacity
- working temperature above 100 ˚C
- compensation of coaxial deviation or shaft bending


 Runners with rolling sleeves Rysunek
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