We offer you professional execution of machine guards, based on structures made of high-quality aluminium profiles. Usually, we make guards and barriers specifically to measure, as requested by the customer. Many years of experience of our workers in this field allows us to provide complex assistance and specialist advice, as well as to perform measurements.

One of the protection options is the EcoSafe protective fence system. It is based on a structure of barriers made of easy-to-fix protective frames. The suggested system is an economic and extremely versatile solution, designed for most frequent applications. What is more, it was executed in compliance with the current European standards.

Our offer includes a series of resistant and modern solutions, from among which you may choose those perfect for your needs. We offer barriers with the following fillings (in various colours):

  • plexiglass boards,
  • polycarbonate boards,
  • PVC boards,
  • perforated sheets,
  • corrugated grids,
  • protective panes,
  • other.
The above filling types can be fixed to the load-bearing part using the following fixing elements:

- Masking-clamping profiles – these are plastic profiles fixed into the process grooves of profiles. The advantages of this solution are simplicity and economics. These profiles are entirely hidden inside the process groove, thus when cutting them to specific measure one does not have to focus on a very precise performance of this procedure, as it is in other solutions. An inconvenience in this case is the fact that when using this fixing element we can fix the fillings only during assembly of the guard.

- Clean room masking-clamping profile – a profile made of soft rubber. It is also designed for fitting of fillings during the construction of a guard. Depending on the filling thickness it is fitted on one or both sides of the filling. Due to its structure and material from which it is made, it is a suitable product for fixing of fillings in "Clean room" type sterile rooms. Taking into account the fact that it is visible outside of the profile process groove, it is necessary to precisely cut the material to ensure appropriate aesthetics of the structure.

- Protective pane profiles – it is also fitted longitudinally in the profile process groove, and it is made of plastic. The differences between a protective pane profile and a masking-clamping profile is that the protective pane profile consist of two parts between which filling is fitted only after complete assembly of the main frame. Therefore, it is used where it is not possible to previously precisely design the entire guard. An inconvenience of it is the fact that for appropriate and aesthetic appearance of finishings, very precise cutting of profile in terms of length and cutting angle is necessary.

- Variofix angles – those are angles that can be used for transverse connections of individual profiles of the guard's main frame. Due to the fact that it has an additional threaded opening, it is possible to screw the filling on. Depending on the method of assembly of the board angle, fillings may be fitted inside or outside the window.

- Variofix-Block clamps – supplementary to the aforementioned angles. If the filled window is bigger and the rigidity of the fill board is insufficient, the board fixing may be supplemented with those clamps. The principle of assembly is very simple. The block is fitted in the profile's process groove by turning it by 900 degrees. When the clamp is fitted, we need to lock it with an appropriate bracket or make an opening in the fill board and screw it on, depending on the clamp type selected. Similarly to Variofix angles, it is possible to choose between fixing of filling inside or outside the window.

- Protective grid profiles – it is a method of fixing designed for grid-type guards. A specially developed aluminium profile with plastic corners is designed for enclosing the grids with a frame made of this profile, and the filling prepared in this manner should be fitted along the profile process groove or screwed to the outer part of frame. In the case of fixing in the process groove we are limited to profiles with 10mm groove only.

- Clamping sleeves – it is a fixing dedicated to the fitting of grid-type fillings only. The fitting of fillings using this method is an economic solution. The advantage of the sleeves is that they can be fitted in profiles with 8mm and 10mm groove.