We provide to you belt conveyors that are perfect for transporting both light and heavy materials, as well as loose and general loads. The products included in our offer are characterized by a very simple, yet extremely robust structure. A significant advantage of our products is a very efficient configuration system, which was made available on the manufacturer's website. It provides a simple and quick method of unaided configuration of the device for individual needs and expectations. The conveyors can be configured by our employees.

Our transporters consist of a load-bearing frame and a support structure that was created on the basis of properly selected aluminium profiles. The drive system applied in the belt conveyors and the transport belt are selected individually according to the Customer's needs. Thanks to it, we provide you with systems that are fully adjusted to your requirements.

We offer belt transporters constructed on the basis of a systemic solution. This makes us able to build a transporter with parameters precisely determined by the recipient within a short period of time. As to guarantee and post-guarantee service, we have at our disposal an extensive spare parts warehouse and human resources allowing the execution of any necessary repairs and replacements within a short period of time. This shortens the downtime of transporters and the co-working machines to the minimum.

All belt transporters in our offer are sold, depending on the recipient's requirements, as:
- lone transporter designed for further development in the device created by the recipient and controlled from this device's control system
- as a transporter with load-bearing frame without a control and supply system
- a complete solution equipped with load-bearing frame and control system, designed for the recipient's unaided start-up or started-up by our company's servicemen.

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