Straight belt conveyors are built based on each of the three series of the offered transporters. Transporter's load-bearing frame width may be from 60 to 1400mm. The load-bearing frames are executed based on dedicated structural aluminium profiles, compatible with the existing systems of the leading manufacturers.

Diameters of return and drive rollers are 35, 45 or 85mm. When transporting light products of insignificant dimensions it is possible to apply razor transporter ends with roller diameter of 15mm.

Depending on the series, the transporter's drive can be:
- end direct
- end indirect
- central direct
- end with motorized drum

Each transporter is analyzed individually by our construction team. Based on the collected parameters, the proper version of conveyor is selected, as well as factors being in direct contact with the product, transport belt in particular. We offer various versions of those, from the material and the properties of the load-bearing part to various structures and equipment of the belts. These are, among others, guide wedges, drivers, side waves, compensating folds, etc.

Depending on the application in which the transporter is to be used, we offer conveyors equipped with various control system setups. The most frequent are control systems allowing stepless adjustment of speed, stopping the device through a sensor detecting the transported products, systems cooperating with external devices, etc. We also place emphasis on safety issues, that is why the control systems are fitted with safety systems of a class and category appropriate for the given application.

Thanks to all these aspects, you receive a ready-made systemic transporter with CE marking and complete documentation, as required for this type of devices.

 Straight Rysunek
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