This is the most universal and popular series of conveyors of this type. The great demand for this type of conveyors resulted in the production of many elements and auxiliary devices enabling the creation of advanced resilient systems based on standard elements.

Pallet loads that we can obtain for the TS 2plus series reach 100kg. Smooth or toothed belts, as well as link chains made of plastic or with steel rollers allowing the accumulation of heavily loaded pallets can be used as the transporting elements. Depending on the additional elements used and the pallet load, we can obtain a positioning accuracy of up to 0.05 mm in this type of conveyors.

The pallets, just like in the previous section, come as plastic, aluminium or combined plastic-aluminium. The pallet carrier plates can also be made of steel of different thicknesses. The sizes of the carriers possible to obtain range from 160 to 800 mm in width and from 160 to 1040 mm in width. The scale at which we can expand the standard pallets is 80 mm.

The travel speeds of transport elements, similar to the smaller series, are in the range from 6 to 18 m/min.

In analogy to the smaller series, these conveyors come as basic sections of straight sections with a total load in the range of 60-2200 kg and a total length of 6000 mm. In the case when the above parameters are insufficient, there is a possibility of ordering conveyors, the maximum load of which, depending on the transport element type, is 2200 kg, and the maximum length of the section is only limited by the load bearing capacity of the drive chain.

Advantages include such TS 2plus possibilities as performance in the ESD variant (electrically conductive) and a performance allowing movement in both directions.

Due to its versatility, this system includes an even greater palette of additional elements in the form of various types of curves, elevators, lifting positioners or stoppers. This creates unmatched possibilities in matching the system to the needs of the user and easy re-building of existing systems.

TS 2plus series conveyors are used in such branches of the industry as:

- automotive (reflectors, lamps)
- small household appliances (microwave ovens, food processors)
- electronics (LCD television sets, monitors, printers)

 TS 2plus series Rysunek
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