This series includes conveyors used for the transport of heavy pallets, up to 250 kg each. Such loads make it possible to equip the conveyors with a steel roller chain.

A great advantage of this series is the possibility of using many types of pallets with a very wide dimensional range. Their dimensions start with 443 mm and end with 1243 mm, The materials used for the construction of pallet frames are plastic and aluminium, whereas the upper plates can be made from steel and an aluminium plate of various thicknesses.

In analogy to the previous cases, we can use here finished straight sections with a maximum load of up to 700 kg and a total length of up to 6000 mm, or match the constituents in such a way so as to obtain a load of up to 2400 kg.

Due to the significant loads, there are no curves here, but we still have at our disposal the transverse connectors allowing the transport of pallets with a change of orientation by an angle of 90 degrees. In addition to this, there are many additional elements allowing for automated systems.

Conveyors from this series are used just as the ones from the previous series mainly in the automotive industry and in the production of household appliances, however, in places where greater load bearing capacity systems are required, e.g. in the production of engines, washing machines, refrigerators, etc.

 TS 4plus series Rysunek
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