A new type of conveyor is a specially specified group of elements, matched to the branch of industry dealing with the production of solar collectors.

The production technology of elements such as solar collectors poses special demands to the devices used for their production. Such conditions are met by the presented conveyors series.

Their specialization consists of:

- being able to be used for transport of elements directly after heating, since their temperature resistance is 1500C
- they are devices operating oil free, which is a great advantage in contact with glass
- they are made in ESD technology, which means they do not accumulate electrical charges
- they are approved for work in clean room conditions even in the 6th class (in accordance with the standard EN ISO 14644-1)
- it is possible to equip them with a special electrical system allowing for a smooth start and stop of the conveyor.

In this system, there are both straight sections with a length of up to 6000 mm, as well as elements allowing to create transverse connectors and elevators. If we add to this the possibility of connecting these conveyors with work stations having appropriate requirements, our company is able to manufacture a complex system of inter-station transport in the production of solar collectors.

 TS SOLAR series Rysunek
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