Conveyors with the simplest structure having no drive. Products may be moved here manually or using gravity, by placing the conveyor at an appropriate angle. In order to select the speed and functionality of the conveyors driven by gravitational force, one should take into account their length and the specificity of transported products, i.e. their mass, shape, dimensions etc.

Depending on the application and requirements of the clients, we are able to manufacture this type of conveyor with a load-bearing frame made using aluminium profiles and steel profiles of an appropriate size, grade and with an appropriate protective coating applied. In this type of conveyors their structure depends mainly on the specificity of the transported products, that is their shape, weight and dimensions. Thus, depending on the product that is to be transported, we use for their construction rollers with diameters from 20 to 89 mm with flanges made from various materials and with various protective coatings. Rollers with a diameter of 50mm and larger can be equipped both with basket and machine bearings. In the case of transporters used for transporting loads with significant mass, we equip our conveyors with restraint rollers.

Conveyors used for transporting EUR pallets also deserve special attention, selected in such a way as to facilitate the feeding and reception of pallets using forklifts and pallet trucks.

 Gravity Rysunek
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