All structure components of roll runners are available for making system line runners in our programme.
Roll runners are applicable for solutions requiring high speed and medium loads, and particularly to build manipulation mechanisms, feeding systems, working machine runners and for many other applications. High load capacity guarantees power reserve with all types of load. Truck drive is transmitted by cogbelts.
We offer you two types of roll runners:
- „LF...S" variant with constant width guide rail is screwed to the groove of Rexroth profile or to a flat surface
- „LF...C" variant has guide rods fixed in a selected Rexroth section. With application of this variant, trucks of any width may be made, and even large sliding doors.

In both variants, guide rods are made of stainless steel, induction hardened and grinded.
We offer all elements necessary for movement of LF system:

- assembly flanges – a proper flange for any size,
- adjusted gears – proper gear for each size,
- motors – two kinds of servomotors for each size,
- terminal position switches.

 LF roll runners Rysunek
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