Easy Conveyors module belt conveyors

It is a group of transporters used interchangeable with those offered by Bosch Rexroth, but they come in wider versions. J
Their widths are: 128, 210, 312, 414 and 518mm. They are made of aluminium or they are constructed on the basis of acid resistant steel sections and it results in possibility of their application in practically all areas of production. Construction with open section and applica­tion of perforated bearing belt enable transport of slightly contaminated or wet products.

This manufacturer also took care of wide range of additional elements, such as turns, vertical arches, side bands and many drive variants, which enables creating transport systems in complicated shapes, transporting products horizontally and vertically.

Short characteristics of its components are presented below:

The horizontal section turns with bend angles 300, 450, 600, 900 and 1800.
Vertical arches with bend angles 50, 100, 150, 300 and 450.

Carrier chains in versions:

- soft with POM
- with POM with rubber covers
- soft with POM with drivers with heights 25, 50 or 75mm

Drive modules with drive at the end of section or in its middle section with belt movement speed up to 60 m/min.
Legs designated for aluminium and acid resistant steel versions.
Side bands regulated in one or two surfaces made of aluminium for classic version and in acid resistant steel version.
The fact that these transporters come with so many significant widths makes them an alternative solution for systems made with belt conveyors. Possibility of one-module drive of straight section with turns of arches proves their priority over similar configurations of belt conveyors, which are practically unobtainable as one system.

Depending on the transporter width, they are applied in the following sectors of industry:

- food industry
- cosmetic industry
- transport and logistics

 ETS Rysunek
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