The newest product group from Bosch Rexroth is made as a roller conveyor driven by a common shaft. Such a driving method allows to obtain a load bearing capacity of each of the pallets even above 300 kg and it additionally allows to lead the pallet very evenly. Such a combination makes it possible for this series of conveyors to be combined with advanced automation systems, e.g. for communication with video systems.

There are pallets with three widths here: 455, 650 and 845 mm, and lengths from 455 to 1240 mm.
The speeds obtained in this series is in the range from 2 to 18 m/min.

Even though this is a new series, there is a significant group of additional elements allowing to obtain more complicated shapes of the conveyor and positioners positioning with an accuracy of +/- 0.3mm.

 TS 5 series Rysunek
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