Micro Pneumatic

In connection with our takeover of the company MiCRO Polska, we add
to our offer a series of products of the Argentinean company MICRO
Automacion Micromecanica S.A.I.C., being one of the leading manufacturers
and distributors of industrial automation in South America.

By offering cylinders of the highest quality, we help our Customers to select optimal solutions tailored to their business. Narrow specialization, extensive international experience and involvement in daily production operations have allowed us to take a leading position in manufacture and sales of articles used in industrial pneumatics. Among others, our rich offer includes tubular, compact and screw-in cylinders. Products made from durable and reliable raw materials will certainly meet the expectations of even the most demanding fields of industry. The wide selection of articles used in industrial pneumatics is one of the most important arguments for doing business with our company.

Tubular cylinders ISO 6432

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Pneumatic quick release couplings and fittings

We provide modern and durable solutions for pneumatics. Thanks to the use of innovative technologies and the work of experienced specialists, we have reached a level of quality unknown to other companies from this field of the industry. Our products, facilitating the operations of industrial automation, hold all the possible attestations and certificates. Among others, our catalogues include pneumatic quick release couplings and fittings of the highest quality. Certainly, we can conclude that our products are absolute quality leaders among innovations on the industrial pneumatics market.


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Air conditioners

Lubricators, air conditioners and regulators introduced by MiCRO Company enjoy widespread popularity around the world. Founded 40 years ago in Argentina, the company specializes in manufacture and sale of professional – durable and modern – components for industrial pneumatics. The product catalogues we have prepared for you contain various air conditioners. The experience and substantive knowledge of our designers are used by many companies from different fields of the industry. The offer we have prepared enjoys widespread popularity among experts. By offering advanced regulators, lubricators and other systems, we contribute to the successes achieved by our Customers.  

zespoly frl2

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Mechanical and manual valves are an example of advanced solutions in the field of modern industrial pneumatics. Drawing on over 40 years of experience and extensive engineering knowledge, we created a range of products appreciated by the most demanding Customers who pay special attention to quality and reliability. The wide selection of mechanical and manual valves is sure to meet the needs of all the fields of industry. Thanks to the earned trust, MiCRO Polska is building a Customer-friendly brand that provides solutions in pneumatics consistent with the world's highest quality standards. We invite you to check our range of mechanical valves which enjoy widespread international trust.

mechanically controlled vales

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Pneumatic and solenoid valves

Industrial pneumatics has been our area of expertise for over 40 years. Thanks to the provision of pneumatic and solenoid valves of the highest quality, over time we have attained the prestigious position of leader among global manufacturers and sellers of pneumatic products. Building on tradition and experience, we provide intelligent technologies tailored to the needs of selected sectors of manufacture. We offer an extensive range of electrically and mechanically controlled valves. Since we place great emphasis on the quality of manufactured products, we have won recognition among large companies which pay particular attention to reliability of hardware they use.

solenoid valves CH1 5-2

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Plug-in couplings and ducts

We draw on the experience (technologies and implementation standards) of the Argentinean company MICRO Automacion Micromecanica S.A.I.C. whose product range enjoys widespread recognition among recipients of industrial pneumatics hardware all over the world. One of the important elements of the product range is constituted by durable and functional couplings.

The recipients of our products are both large industrial companies and smaller retailers.

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Profile and tubular cylinders with pins