The group of these products includes:
- VarioFlow type transporters
- VarioFlow S type transporters

VarioFlow type transporters:
They come in two variants: VarioFlow 65 and VarioFlow 90, where numerical value designates the transporter width. They are characte­rised by a very large number of serially produced components, enabling creation of a perfect configuration.

The above mentioned components are:

a) Horizontal disk turns with radius R=150mm – with application of this type of turns the chain may only be guided on the top load­-bearing surface or on the upper and lower surface
Bending angles of disk turns are: 300, 450, 900, 1800
b) Horizontal section turns with bend radius R=700mm
Bending angles are: 300, 450, 900
c) Vertical arches with bend radius R=400mm
Standard incline angles are: 50; 7,50; 150; 300; 450; 600; 900

Load-bearing chain in versions:
a) Smooth
b) With rubber anti-slipping cover
c) With drivers
d) Smooth ESD

- with constant chain movement speed in range 5-50m/min
- with possibility of frequency no-degree regulation of speed – there are drive modules with speed ranging from 4-26m/min to 16-60m/min.
Power of motors applied in the drives of these conveyors is: 120W, 180W, 250W, 370W, 550W.

Side bands:
a) Permanent
b) With horizontal regulation
c) With horizontal and vertical regulation
d) With horizontal and vertical regulation with ability of constructing overdraft

Materials applied for band section are:
- plastics
- aluminium
- acid resistant steel

Additional advantage of this type of transporters is possibility of associating them with standard pallets characterised by very simple structure. These pallets have the width of load carrying surface 135 and 160 mm, respectively for transporter width 65 and 90 mm. Length of the pallets may be adjusted in certain limits for the needs of production process.

In order to make full use of the pallets in the process, additional supporting elements should be applied, such as pneumatic stoppers, bilateral positioners, semaphores directing pallets to the right track on junctions etc. Such elements also belong to those produced serially and offered as equipment for VarioFlow system.

The range of products presented above allows for operation of these transporters in the following industry sectors:
- machine (transporting half-products between the machines)
- cosmetic (transport of packaging)
- food industry (particularly in cooperation with high-efficiency machines for production of PET packaging)

VarioFlow S transporter types:
This series was created as complementary to the classic VarioFlow series. The experience gained during developing applications based on VarioFlow system and lack of possibility of fulfilling the tasks gave the constructors of a classic system and incentive for cre­ating a complementary series. The main improvements are introduction of a wider range of transporter width, making an acid steel resistant variant and application of the load bearing section in the open version, securing against contamination accumulating inside. This series has the following widths of transporters 80, 100, 160, 240 and 320mm whereas acid resistant versions do not include the 100 mm width.

Also in this series, there are numerous additional elements enabling developing very complicated configurations, such as:
Horizontal turns and vertical arches:

Horizontal turns:
VF S80                      VF S100                   VF S160               VF S240                VF S320
R=250mm               R=250mm
R=500mm               R=500mm               R=500mm           R=500mm           R=500mm
With standard bend angles: 300; 450; 600; 900 i 1800

Turns of this type have a unique way of bearing which results in the fact that with a single drive module it is possible to pull a long section of chain, and this parameter is reflected in decreasing system costs.
Vertical arches with radius R=500mm and they also appear as those with incline angle: 50;150;300; 450; 600 i 900.

Load bearing chain in versions:
a) Smooth
b) With rubber covers
c) With drivers in two heights 20mm and 40mm
d) With drivers in form of rolls

Bands identical as those applied in the classic VarioFlow version.

Transporter drives:
a) With regard to the manner of drive transmission:
- direct
- indirect – drive transmitted with a chain; on one of intermediate wheels a plate friction clutch was used
b) with regard to operation speed:
- constant speed – graded in the limits of 5-50 m/min
- with speed regulated without grades – there are two types of driver modules with various speed range 4-26 m/min; 16-60 m/min

Additional variant in this series is a transporter with 80 mm width, with a chain with lamella plates, which, configured as two parallel sections may operate as a system lifting the elements up without changing their orientation. The lifting takes place according to the prin­ciple of wedging the products between two chains.

This transporter series, apart from the industry sectors described with classic VarioFlow system, operates perfectly in food and pharma­ceutical industries because of the possibility of direct contact of acid resistant conveyors with transported product.

 Vario-Flow Rysunek
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