The smallest and thus the most delicate series of pallet conveyors used for transport of fine and light elements, since the transport element here are toothed belts. In this series the maximum load of each pallet is 3 kg. The accuracy of positioning of pallets in this case reaches 0.025mm, depending on the additional elements used.

The size of pallets used in this series is in the range from 80 to 160 mm and is graded every 40 mm. The materials used for the construction of standard pallets are plastic and aluminium. These materials can be used in combination.

The travel speeds of conveyor belts are in the range from 6 to 18 m/min.

These conveyors, in the individual built-in option, may be ordered as finished sections with a length from 250 to 5000 mm, and depending on the drive used, may have the possibility to move in one or two directions, which is a significant advantage. The maximum load of the finished sections is up to 30 kg. In order to obtain an increased length of the system or an increased load bearing capacity, it is possible to order a performance of a special conveyor with a length of up to 12000 mm and a maximum load of 80 kg.

Due to the fact that conveyors of this type are often used in the electronics industry, they also come in the ESD variant, that is electrically conductive.

A wide range of additional elements in the form of curves, transverse connecting sections, lifting positioners and stoppers enables the simple creation of very advanced and resilient production systems. The use of mass-produced elements, well developed support literature and the aid of our employees guarantees the possibility to create a system that perfectly suits your needs.

TS 1 type conveyors are most often used in the following branches of the industry:

- electronics industry (sensors, hard drives)
- electrotechnical industry (small electroinstallation elements)
- optical industry (contact lenses)
- precision mechanics

 TS 1 series Rysunek
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